Twisting Tightly Origami Tessellation

 Been fiddling around with really densely twisted designs. They're tricky to fold and honestly, don't always yield great photographic results. 

It's been my experience that simpler designs photograph more beautifully. 

Nevertheless, the challenge of the more complex is appealing. 

And so, I came up with this. 

Originally, I thought this first pic would be the back, but I later decided it should be the front. 

The original idea was small offset hexagon twists with a star of triangles around it. 

Then a rectangle leading to the next triangle where the hexes repeat. 

Perhaps with different type of paper that 'front side' would photograph better. But this design definitely required thick paper. 

It's a little more impressive to the human eye than a camera, but there's little to be done about that. 

I have a less than exact crease pattern, which I'll probably upload at a later date. 


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