Crowns Origami Tessellation


layered hexes origami tessellation

This tessellation is building upon the idea that I used in my Pathways design. It uses the same collapse method as that model, but in a different configuration. 

The final model doesn't appear all that complicated, but there are many layers involved. 

I don't know if this technique has been done before, but it was new to me. 

It doesn't offer a lot of repetition on a 32 pleat grid, but it's an intriguing concept that could be applied to larger grids. 

Personally, I just enjoy that it's a another way to manipulate the paper into a new variety of shapes. 

There are not cuts, other than the initial hexagon . It's a single sheet of paper. 

It's a little easier than some of the more complex tessellations, while still yielding a pretty intricate result. 


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