Octagons and Squares Origami Tessellation

octagons and squares origami tessellation

 Square grid origami tessellation are not something I do very often. They feel, at least to me, much simpler than their triangle grid counterparts. They are more limited in their ability to diversify. Still, they are fascinating in their own right. 

Every once in a while, I'll come across a square grid idea that compels me. Every once in a while, I'll feel the need to refresh myself on those basics. 

I'm sure in many ways that square grids help build a foundation for understanding more complex tessellations. Their mechanics certainly transfer some to a triangle grid, at least in my experience. 

Browsing instagram, I was inspired to create this particular configuration.

It's just repeating octagons and squares. Nothing fancy. 

However, working this tessellation led me to some new ideas on the triangle grid that I had not previously considered. So it was successful in more than just the idea itself. 

I'm still working on realizing the ideas it inspired. But it's certainly something wonderful in its own right. 


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