Pleated Rhombus Flowers

rhombus twists origami tessellation

 So, as I was working on figuring out someone else's rhombus based tessellation, I kind of inadvertently stumbled upon this idea.

It's actually an interesting example of how the same configuration of shapes can yield very different results depending on which sides of the paper each are placed. 

In this case there are small hex twists on the back side and there are rhombus twists emanating off them from the other side. 

There are also some triangle twists closely nestled into the hex twists. 

And there are some pyramids between the triple intersections of the rhombuses. 

This was a next to impossible fold. It was really hard. Just cause it's your own idea doesn't necessarily make it any easier to execute. 

Given that it's such a difficult fold, I'm pretty pleased with the result. 

Knowing its intricacies better now, a second attempt would no doubt be more perfect, but that's a project and a post for another day. 


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