Reverse and Fold of a Stunning Rhombus Pattern Origami Tessellation by @arsenikoom


This is an origami tessellation that I saw posted by multiple instagramers. I believe they creditted @arsenikoom as the original designer. I really liked the model and decided to fold it for myself. 

At first, I was a little puzzled as to where to begin. Mainly because I wasn't able to see the sizes of the shapes from the pictures available. 

At some point I realized I had already done a tessellation of my own that used large triangles in the same way and that gave me the size of the rhombuses.

From my triangle tessellation I was also able to see that the connecting rectangles were inverses of the triangle points.  

From there I mapped the rhombus shapes around the backside triangles/front rectangles and was able to see what belonged in the remaining spaces. 


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