Triangle Twist Dichotomy Origami Tessellation

Triangle Duality Origami Tessellation

 I was looking back over some of my older origami tessellations and thinking about maybe refolding them to see if I could get them a little closer to perfection. 

Way back in June 2019, I folded what I called, For the Love of Triangles tessellation.

I had folded it using a photo of someone else's finished model. For reasons I no longer recall, I did not save a crease pattern for it. 

So in order to try a refold, I had to figure it out again. I was a little annoyed with myself about that, but no big.

Actually, in a stroke of serendipity, figuring it out again resulted in me coming up with a similar, but different tessellation that I'll post about at a later date. 

So this is the result of my second attempt. I used nicer paper this time. I also saved the crease pattern. 


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