Origami Tessellation: Collapsing Daisies

 I came up with this tessellation just fiddling around with collapsing triangles around an open back hexagon. 

I remember having the idea to do this technique using regular rhombus shapes, but I have yet to follow through on it. 

For whatever reason, this elongated shape compelled me to finish the idea and complete the fold. 

There are no twists in this tessellation. It's all collapses. 

The central collapse is a bit tricky. If you look at the crease pattern there are triangles up against the central hexagons that have to be mountain folded toward the center of the hexes. Similar to how the triangles are folded over the central square in a Fujimoto clover. 

 The  outer triangles are pinched closed. 

The funny thing is, I often struggle the most with my own designs. 

Often finding it easier to execute the creations of others. 


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