Origami Tessellation: Hexagon Kisses

This is a tessellation by Arseniy K @arsenikoom that I solved. His version had more distance between repeats. It also featured a some rectangles joined by a triangle. 

I chose to just do a straight up repeat of his central module. Firstly, because it would repeat better on a 32 pleat grid.

I don't use paper that allows for larger grids. Even 32 pleats is pushing it with the paper I use.

All my origami tessellations are folded with ordinary 8.5 x 11 printer paper. I use 20, 24 and 28 lb. papers, depending on the design and the time of year. 20 lb. paper works fine in winter, but not so well during summer months. Occasionally I use kraft paper. But kraft paper is difficult to fold because it's so thick. It also doesn't backlight well at all. 

Back in the day, I used to just fold a triangle grid on the rectangular paper without trimming it.

Nowadays I stick with trimming it down to a hexagon. It makes it quicker to fold the initial grid. It also makes it easier for my stubby fingers to reach the center. Unfortunately, I am not in possession of hands genetically suited for origami. 

Secondly, I sometimes just prefer a simple repeat. I can be lazy like that. 

I have reverse engineered a bunch of his origami models. Most of them are pretty tricky.

This one gave me no trouble at all. Maybe because I'm familiar with his style. Maybe I've gotten more skilled. Maybe this one was just a little less hard to solve. Probably, all of the above. 

Crease Pattern is included at the bottom. 


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