Rope Weave Origami Tessellation Fold

Rope Weave Origami Tessellation

 This particular tessellation was one of those sudden ideas that just come to you out of the blue. 

The front side are all natural shapes to the grid. No additional creases. Small hex twists with double length rhombus wings off of them. 

The back side is open back hexes, but then the flaps are all folded to the centers. There are also small triangle twists to make everything flatten properly. 

It was fairly easy to fold even with tightly spaced repetitions. 

It was a tiny bit tricky to get the flaps folded into the centers of the open back hexes neatly, but nothing too bad. 

Reverse View Tessellation Rope Weave
It folds and looks like somewhat similar, but different tessellations I've seen and done, but I don't believe I've seen this exact configuration. 

What's also nice is because it uses such small grid shapes you get a lot of repeat out of a small 32 pleat triangle grid. 

A crease pattern is included at the bottom of this post.

Crease pattern for rope weave tessellation


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