Solving the Dancing Pyramids Origami Tessellation

 Figuring out and folding the creations of other origami tessellation designers is one of my passions.

While coming up with my own creations is very satisfying, I tend to think, I'm a little bit better at reverse engineering the finalized ideas of others. Bonus: doing so usually provides inspiration for new ideas. 

There are a number of designers whom  I follow and regularly try to solve and fold their models. Madonna Yoder aka @gatheringfolds, is one of them. 

When I want to solve a tessellation that is intriguing, beautiful and satisfying, but isn't infuriatingly difficult, her designs are often what I choose. 

In this case, I did her Dancing Pyramids Tessellation

Apparently, I spaced it a little differently (as she informed me). Lol. That was unintentional, but just fine by me. As long as I'm able to solve the puzzle, I'm happy. 

This particular configuration of a sextuplet of three triangle twists on the front and three on the back has a lot of possibilities we've both been exploring.

I look forward to what we'll discover next. 


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