Solving Transparence 389 Tessellation


Looking back over tessellations that I had folded years ago, I came across one by Lydia Diard that I did in 2018.

Back when I was stull new to origami tessellations I followed her flickr and learned a lot. 

While I was successful in understanding the structure of the design, it was pretty poorly executed. I also did not save any crease pattern or hint at how it was done. Arg!

This led me to try to figure it out all over again. It was actually a little harder this time around because I'm not really familiar with her folding style anymore, like I was back then. 

Nevertheless, experience with many different designers and styles was enough to carry me through to solving it for a second time. 

It's a fiddly little folds design at which I do not particularly excel, but I forged ahead all the same. 

This time I created a crease pattern with basic flow instructions. It's not really a fold that can be expressed fully in just a crease pattern. So I added some notes as well. 

The gist of it is you squeeze together the triangles around an open back hex and then push the tops of those triangles to the center of the hexagon. 

You then have a crowd of corners that you can flatten on the center and fold over on their edges. 


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