Funneling Outward Origami Flagstone Tessellation

 The tessellation that I folded prior to this one is what gave me the idea for this. I just kind of flipped things around and worked out how it would all fit together. 

It took a lot triangles to construct. A. Lot. Of. Triangles. 

Flagstone tessellations are generally very triangle intensive. This design is no exception. 

The layout feels very familiar, but I searched and searched to see if I'd done it before based on someone else's idea and I couldn't find anything. 

It's open back hexagons surrounded by trapezoids. That central idea repeats. There are some top-side triangles in order to make it a flat fold. 

It's not the best time of year for folding flagstone tessellations.

It's hot and humid. But inspiration is impatient.

There are many triangles required on the reverse side. I knew there would be triangles needed on the back side, but I didn't anticipate needing quite so many of them during my initial conception of it. 

But no worries, they were not shy in making themselves known. 

Sometimes we find the folds in the paper. Sometimes the folds find us. 


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