Origami Tessellation: Spinning About

 This tessellation is what I call a natural one. Meaning there are no extra creases. Just those of the triangle grid itself. There are many interesting shapes and arrangements to be found even without cross creasing. 

This kind of tessellation is a little less challenging. Once you fold the grid there are no additional creases required. The paper is also a little more receptive to being collapsed because of this. 

When I conceived of this design I originally envisioned the second pic as the front of the design. 

However, when I took the photos, I decided the other side would be the front. 

The original inspiration was to have those wings off the central hexes create angular star shapes.

But when I saw the other side of the design I thought it was much more intriguing. 

Both sides are interesting in their own right. 

I used pretty thin paper. 20 lb. copy paper. It worked out fine. 


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