Active Transmissions Origami Tessellation


Within the origami tessellations genre there are three distinct sub-sections.

There are twist fold tessellations. There are flagstone tessellations. And there are collapsed shape tessellations.

I've always found twist folds are easier to execute and generally less fussy.

Collapsed shapes are in general, trickier to work. 

Flagstones are kind of a hybrid of twists and collapses. I think they're easy, but very time consuming. 

Each style offers its own unique array of possibilities for a finished design. 

This is an example of a collapsed shape tessellation. 

I came up with it just fiddling around with combining an assortment of shapes native to the grid. 

At its most basic it's just different sized rectangles around hexagons. 

The real handiwork is actually getting all those competing shapes to coalesce. 

It's a tessellation probably best attempted in the dead of winter when it's very dry. But I went ahead with it even though it's been soggy here. 

For a while, it felt like it might fail and I wouldn't complete it, but stubbornness prevailed. 

Spoiler alert!

Crease pattern for it is included below. 


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