Intoxicated Circles Origami Tessellation Solved


This is another tessellation from an old picture left in my google photos. I'm not aware of who is the original designer. 

It's a very simple design that was quick and easy to solve. 

It felt so basic that I wasn't really interested in folding it full size, but I wound up doing it anyway. 

Mostly because the weather lately has made folding more intricate models not really feasible. 

So I thought rather than trying to do something harder and failing because of soggy paper, I can least successfully fold something simpler. 

And here it is. 

Made up my own name for it. Don't know the original. 

I actually wanted to fold a variation on this idea with closed collapsed hexagons where the triangles nested close together. 

I gave it a go, but it didn't work out very well. Perhaps another time. 

Still, this version of the tessellation is pretty nice. 

To fold it, collapse the third size hexagon of the grid and fold triangle twists off of the points. 

Crease pattern included below.


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