Stars Made by Hexagons Origami Tessellation 2.0

 This is one from several years ago that felt ripe for the refolding. I folded it the first time almost exactly four years ago.

I don't recall how easy or difficult it was to solve originally.

You can view the original post for the Stars formed by Hexes Tessellation from way back then. 

It worked out fine the first time around, but I was hoping to maybe get some nicer photos this time around. Which I did. 

It was originally folded from someone else's pic that I'd found on google. I'm not sure who the creator is. 

I used the crease pattern I had saved then to refold it this time. It worked well. 

I'm actually more fond of the reverse side of the tessellation that appears as circles and tiny triangles. Your opinion may differ. 

You can reference the link to the original post for a crease pattern. 

I did however, create a new crease pattern as well. Which is below. 

Which one will be most helpful depends on many factors. But between the two of them, it should be very foldable. 


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