Hornets' Nests Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation builds upon others that use the same beginning foundation. As with most origami tessellations, it then finds a  new direction to go from that common starting point. 

When I first thought of it, I wasn't really clear on if it would work. 

But it looked good on paper, so I forged ahead. 

I was actually a little confused as to how the gaps between the triple intersections would work. 

But when I actually went to fold the other components it became much clearer. 

The reverse side shows what it has in common with other tessellations. 

It starts with open back hexagons with some standard flaps. 

But on the front side there are the bullet shapes to change things. 

The rest of the details can be seen in the crease pattern that I've included at the end of this post. 

There's a sketch of different tess in the bottom left corner of the crease pattern. It does not pertain to this one. 


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