Solved Someone Else's Stars Tessellation

 This origami tessellation was solved from a picture that I had saved to my google photos several years ago.

I don't recall from where I obtained the original pic or to whom the credit for the design is due. 

I believe I tried once or twice before to figure it out and was unable to do so. I only had a photo of the front side, so that made it a little bit harder. 

I was kind of stuck on the idea that it was a small hex twist on the back to create the rhombus star on the front. That however, isn't the case. 

When I wasn't even really trying, it struck me that it might be a collapsed star instead. 

From there, it was pretty easy to solve it and finally fold it to completion. That was satisfying!

On the reverse side the rhombuses twist in the opposite direction as the hex star. 

As with any respectable origami tessellation, it is folded from a single sheet of paper. 

I did trim it to a hexagon before I started, but there are no other cuts. 

My crease pattern is included below. 


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