Solving Contained Tessellation

 Contained is an origami tessellation by gatheringfolds. She is quite active on instagram and I often try to figure out her creations.

Solving the puzzle of someone else's tessellation is something I quite enjoy. Honestly, I enjoy the process of solving them a lot more than I enjoy the actual folding of them. I enjoy that part too, just enjoy the solving a little bit more. 

This was a tricky one for sure. Her generous uploads of many photos made the structure pretty easy to determine, however, the execution is a bit finnicky.

It's very densely layered. All the shapes are quite close together. Sturdy paper is required. 

The centers are open back hexagon twists. There are triangles off of their axes. 

Each of those triangles connects to a small hex twist on the other side. That hex twist has a triad of triangles on the front. From there it's just repetition. 

Not all origami tessellations require pre-creasing of all the folds. Sometimes I am lazy and just crease as I move outward.

In the case of this particular design, I would say pre-creasing is almost essential. The bulk of the work happens before you ever begin to collapse. By the time you get to that stage only the center will be difficult. Once you get the center in place, it's pretty easy from there. 

My crease pattern sketch is included at the bottom of this post. 


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