Hybrid Hex Weave Tessellation Solved

This is 'Hybrid Hex Weave' by gatheringfolds. I do a lot of her designs because she's generous enough to share them with the world and take lots of photos. More photos makes solving the mystery a little easier. 

I'll admit that I was initially a little puzzled by the natural triangle that occurs in this particular tessellation. I mapped it out just fine, but I wasn't entirely certain how to execute it. 

Undaunted, I forged ahead. When the other elements were in place and it came time to actually make that shape work, experience took over and it nearly solved itself. 

A lot of tessellations are weaves. Twists of triangles, hexes and rhombuses on the other side create a layered look on the opposite side. It gives the appearance of multiple pieces of paper interlaced, when in fact, it's all done using a single uncut sheet. 

To look at the front of the design, it's not always obvious how it's constructed. When you can see the other side the structure is much more transparent. 

Crease pattern sketch is included at the end of this post. 


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