Solved Micro Rhombus Twist Tessellation

 This is a tessellation by ArseniyK. I haven't solved one of his in quite a while. His designs are quite sophisticated. They can be both difficult to figure out as well as next to impossible to execute. This one is no exception. 

The front side didn't give me too much trouble solving it. However, the reverse side was a little more elusive. 

I mapped out the front on some grid paper and was confident when I began folding. 

As I went along it got trickier and trickier to get things into their proper places. 

It was very late into the collapse that I finally realized I hadn't noticed a key element. I had been twisting the small hexagons on the back side not realizing that they needed to be stars. When I was nearly done with the front side, I finally saw it and was able to correct and adjust. 

It's such an intense fold that my first attempt with semi-thick paper was a complete failure. 

When I tried again with kraft paper, I was able to complete it. However, this paper doesn't really photograph well. I can't help but wonder, if it could be executed cleanly with thinner, more photogenic paper, now that I fully understand the entire design. Not sure if I'll try again anytime soon. 

The construction is open back hexagons (back side) with micro rhombuses (front side) off of them. The rhombuses are the smallest the grid offers. Then there are offset small hex twists (back side) with triangles (back side) off of them. Those are the stars. 

I have a crease pattern sketch. I just need to upload it. Will update when I do. 

Update: added crease pattern at the bottom of this post. 


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