Solving Joel Cooper's Hex Weave Origami Tessellation

 This is a Joel Cooper tessellation called hex weave. I actually had the front photo for a while and fiddled with solving it, but got stuck and moved onto other things. 

Some time later I came across another photo from someone else and decided to try that tessellation. 

Turns out that second photo was the back side of Joel's hex weave. 

Seeing the backside, there wasn't much solving involved. It was pretty obvious. 

It was only after I started folding it that I realized that the two photos were from the same design. Pretty neat how that worked out the way it did. 

At first glance, I thought it was standard open back hex twists, but I quickly discovered it was irregular open back hexagons. They're 1.5 pleats per edge. 

Then there are rhombuses off of their axes. 

When you go to sketch out the repeats you find  triangle twists in-between them. 

It's a very elegant design. 

My crease pattern sketch is at the bottom. 


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