Convection Origami Tessellation Solved Again

 This is a tessellation that I solved way back when I was just learning to solve other people's tesses. I thought it would be cool to try again. Especially since I didn't save a crease pattern the first time around. So I wanted to have one I could save and share. 

Funnily enough, I still don't have a crease pattern. I just folded it without mapping it out first. 

I will however, add a crease pattern once I unfold the design and take a few moments to draw it. 

The original design and my original recreation was done on a 48 pleat grid. 

I was hoping to skink the spaces between and squeeze it into a 32 pleat grid, but it simply doesn't repeat as intended under those constraints. 

Nevertheless, it's a cool design still. Will add the full crease pattern soon. 

It's interesting to note that the design is made up exclusively of triangle twists and no other shapes. 

I'm not certain who the original designer is, but it has the look and feel of one by Miguel Ganan. 

Crease pattern has been added. 


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