Solving a Flagstone Tessellation by Arseniy K

This is yet another Arseniy K tessellation that I was able to solve. Actually, I solved it a few weeks ago, but only just folded it a few days ago. It's a flagstone. Those are generally not that hard to figure because they almost always follow a very particular structural pattern. So once you know that, it's not difficult to determine a wide range of designs. 

I had actually done the central design a while back, but hadn't taken the time to map out anything beyond that until recently. 

As far as folding it, flagstones are always labor intensive and difficult to get situated. 

We never really had a winter here this year, so my paper has been less crisp than I would like (especially for a flagstone), but I went ahead and gave it a go anyway.

When I got to the edges I kind of lost the mission. The paper had pretty much given up on me. 

I would like the folds to be tighter, but perhaps in another try at another time. 

Still, every solved tessellation is food for thought for the next idea. 

Crease pattern is at the bottom. 


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