Solving Juxtaposed Triangles Tessellation by AK


This is a tessellation by Arseniy K that I recently solved. It's one of his less intense designs, but it's still very beautiful and a little bit tricky. 

I don't think he named it, but I'm not sure. 

It's a triad of rhombuses around a triangle twist. Then he adds some larger triangles also around another  triangle twist. 

He sees possibilities in the paper that don't usually occur to me. 

I oriented the center point differently, but otherwise, it's the same design. A very elegant composition. 

Will add my crease pattern later. 

Of all the origami artist I've followed and solved, I think his creations are the most fascinating. 

They range from not too crazy to insanely intricate. 

All in all, he's one of the best in my opinion. He makes me work to solve his and his ideas also inspire me to come up with my own. He's a true artist of the paper's geometry. 

My crease pattern sketch is at the bottom of this post.


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