Solving Pyramid Array Origami Tessellaton

 This is a Joel Cooper origami tessellation that I stumbled upon quite accidentally.

I love the design. Wish I'd thought of it. 

It wasn't too difficult to solve. It wasn't too difficult to fold either. 

It's just a brilliant idea that is as much a pleasure to reverse engineer as it is to execute. 

It's basically two modules. 

A pyramid made up of trapezoids around a triangle twist and six trapezoids around a hexagonal twist. 

If he gave it a name, I don't recall. 

In the backlit version the hex twists are more prominent. While in the unlit photo the pyramids tend to stand out more. 

I did draw a sketch in order to facilitate solving it. I'll upload that sometime soon. 

Update: Crease pattern added below. There's a different tess in the top left corner of the sketch, which doesn't pertain to this one.


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