Solved Grey Hex Tess Origami Tessellation

 This is also a Joel Cooper tessellation that I recently reverse engineered and folded. 

It's triads of triangles around offset hex twists. Parallelograms on the other side.

The repetitions are spaced a few pleats apart. This creates some 1.5 open back hexagons in the spaces between the repetitions. 

The finished tessellation has a nice weave like effect, even though it's just a single sheet of paper. 

It's a nice tessellation to fold. It's not very tricky. It doesn't require particularly sturdy paper. 

It's a lesson in how spacing can completely change a design. 

It's a pretty old tessellation that I found on his Flickr account. 

The photo was kind of fuzzy, but his description provided additional clarity.

The reverse side also yields a pretty interesting design. 

It's also a tessellation that photographs nicely both backlit and not. 

If you're looking to solve something that's interesting, but not too challenging, you might like this one. 

I've included a very crude sketch of how it's folded. It's at the end of this post. 


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