Solving Constellation Knots Origami Tessellation

 This is a variation on a tessellation I saw on Monika Hankova's Instagram feed. She also credited Wei Fu for the design.  Apparently it was a design of theirs that she had altered.

I originally just solved it straight as it was posted, but then I discovered that it didn't really fit nicely on my 32 pleat grid.

So I fiddled with it a little to shrink it some for a nicer finished product on a smaller grid size. 

This is the result. 

Personally, I like how compact everything is and all the layers that are created. Your opinion may differ. 

It's traditional folds and twists. Nothing really difficult. It looks complicated, but it's pretty straightforward, actually. 

It worked out really well with just ordinary printer paper. 

As always, it's just one sheet of paper. Not cuts. Just folds. 

Crease pattern sketch is included at the end of this post. 


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