Solving Joel Cooper's Hex Lattice Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation is one that I found on Joel Cooper's Flickr page. It's a combination of elements with which I'm very familiar. There are open back hexagons and they are surrounded by small offset hexes. The offset hexes are circled by alternating triangle twists and rhombus twists. 

Because the shapes and techniques used were ones I've used on many occasions it took only a few minutes to solve his design. 

It's nice sometimes when it comes that easily. 

As for the actual folding of it, it was just as pleasant. It came together without much fuss at all. 

Personally, I kinda like the back side a little more than we he deemed the front. Which is why I've made it the first photo. 

He called this design Hex Lattice Tess. That name is illustrated nicely in the front (second) photo.

This tessellation is a particularly interesting hybrid of several shapes and techniques. It's a somewhat complex structure that is also a lot of fun to fold. 

My crease pattern drawing is included below. 


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