Solving Packing Origami Tessellation by Arseniy K

Another tessellation by Arseniy K. He called this one 'Packing'. It didn't give me too much trouble to solve it. It did however, give me a lot of trouble to actually fold it. 

I used kraft paper because I knew it would be tough. Still, it probably would've benefited from a larger size of paper. 

Nevertheless, it came together pretty well. 

His was much neater, but I'm happy with mine. 

I really do need to find larger paper, in some nice colors, that can actually hold up to these more intensive folds. 

He sure does love the small and tricky folds. 

His designs are always intriguing and inspiring. 

As far as figuring it out, this one is pretty simple (for him), Small rectangles twisted about a triangle. Then he adds three more rectangles in the spaces between the original three. Repeat until you can't stand it anymore. 

My tester/crease pattern sketch is included at the end of this post.


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