Common Denominators Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation comes from my idea for intermingling trapezoids and rhombuses. I just kind of started with the central pattern and worked my way outward. 

Collapse style tessellations such as this one offer a plethora of new ways to configure the various shapes you might choose to incorporate. 

You can also mix twists and collapses in a single tessellation. This one however, is all collapses. 

Collapsed tessellations are pretty easy to map out on grid paper. The connections between the shapes are pretty straightforward. 

They can be a little tricky to execute. Especially on the back side. They have a lot of folds in common with flagstones, although they are not quite as intense.

They also tend to result in a lot of shapes to fold. Even on a 32 pleat grid, you can often wind up with many repetitions. So patience is a must.

All the work is in the preparation. By the time you've finished all the pre-creasing, you'll feel like you've done so much. But at that point, the actual collapsing is pretty quick. 

The back of this tessellation is exclusively open back hexagons. However, instead of twisting, they also collapse. 

Unlit pics and the crease pattern are included below. 


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