Crown Jewels Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation is pretty simple in structure and yet, yields an impressive finished product. 

It's just open back hexagons with  rhombuses tucked into them. 

Even though the shapes are quite spread out, it still has a wonderful result on a small 32 pleat triangle grid. 

It's one of your less intensive origami tessellations. There is not a lot of pre-creasing. 

Once you get the hang of the collapses, it's a breeze to complete. 

It is, however, important to work the reverse side as you go. You can't just fold the front shapes. Working the back side is essential to getting everything nestled nicely into place. 

A crease pattern isn't really necessary. The shapes are very apparent. I do have one though. It's included at the end of this post. 


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