Epic Triumvirate FlagstoneTessellation

 This is an insane flagstone tessellation that I came up with a little while back.  Originally, I only had the beginning of the idea. It was just recently that I was able to flesh it out to completion. 

At the center is a triad of alternating rhombuses and triangles around a central triangle on the reverse side.

The entire pattern is based on the fact that three sides emanate from the rhombuses, while the other three stem from the triangles. 

Somehow, with a little persistence I was able to figure out how the two different patterns would coalesce. 

It's a crazy intense fold full of what seems like endless shapes on both the front and the back. 

At many points during the execution, it felt as if I would never finish. But finish I did. 

The front is both many rhombuses and many triangles. The back is just an endless sea of triangles with a handful of rhombuses. 

I do have a crease pattern that I need to upload. Will do that soon. 

If you wish to fold it, be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to the endeavor. 

Update: crease pattern added below.

I didn't map out all the triangles that are needed, but I did do a bunch. 


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