Escalators Origami Tessellation Design

This is a linear origami design using trapezoids and triangles.

Instead of your typical triangle grid tessellation that repeats circularly, this one is all horizontal and vertical repetitions. 

The top of each trapezoid tucks into the base of the one above it. 

The triangles collapses serve as a means to make the trapezoids repeat horizontally. The triangles tuck into each other the same way the trapezoids do. 

I really like this collapsed style of tessellating the paper. It allows for far more repetitions in smaller space than classic twists. 

As far as a crease pattern, it's probably not necessary. Like I said before, it's just trapezoids and triangles. A very uncomplicated design with a lot of repetitions. 

I did a very quick sketch before folding, but it was kind of mixed up with other ideas. 

If I remember, I'll draw a quick, new one and post it here later. 


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