Four Way Stops Origami Tessellation

This is a partial solve of a tessellation by Arseniy Koom. It's a rare square grid tess. Rare for both him and me. 

I don't recall if he gave it a name. 

I solved the central area of his design without even realizing that there was more to it. Later, after I noticed my oversight, I went on to solve the complete design. However, I've yet to fold it. 

The center point for both tessellations is the start of a classic clover fold. 

Moving outward, there are octagons and negative space squares. 

His design used larger versions of the same shapes. I wanted to use smaller shapes so it would repeat more. 

Afterward, when I looked back at his photo and saw the outermost layers of the design I realized why he had used the larger shapes. Since, some of the elements wouldn't really work in my smaller version.

That is a fold for another day. 

The crease pattern for this tessellation is included at the bottom of this post. 


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