Caged Flowers Origami Tessellation

Here's an interesting tessellation that I discovered recently. It combines several techniques in a different way. There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of triangle and rhombus twists in this one. They repeat in such a way that some small hex twists are created on the opposite side

So on the back side you have open back hexagonal twists. Around those you have alternating rhombus and triangle twists. 

This creates some cool negative space twisting stars that appear to be in woven cages.

In order to make it tessellate flatly, I had to add many additional triangle twists. 

Once those get situated that's where the small hex twists come into play on the other side. 

This creates the caged flowers pattern. Which is rhombuses around the hexagons combined with a nice woven effect. 

It looks like some of the rhombuses twists are on the front, but they are not. 

The open back hexagsons, all the triangle twists, and all the rhombus twists are on the back. 

The small hex twists are on the front. 

Since everything is so close together, it'll take some patience to fold. 

My crease pattern is at the end. 


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