Solved Big Bang Theory Tessellation by Arseniy K

This tessellation puzzled me for a while before I realized that what I thought would be hex twists were actually triangle collapses. Once I realized that, it was smooth sailing from there. 

In his post he had the second photo as his front. But I liked the other side so much that I posted it first and used it to inspire the title. 

Essentially, it's right triangles on one side around collapsed triangles on the other. As you repeat the pattern you get the large hex twists. 

I gave it a title for the purpose of this post. His post didn't have a title for it. 

It wasn't too hard to fold. It wasn't that easy either. But his ideas are always intriguing and unique.

Had I'd used nicer paper the right triangles (second pic) probably would've nestled together more neatly, but the other side (first pic) came out really great. 

There's also an unlit version of the first pic as well as a basic crease pattern below. 


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