Solving Hazard Discs Tessellation

 This tessellation is designed by Madonna Yoder @gatheringfolds. She calls it 'Hazard Discs'. 

It's neat because all the negative spaces are open back hexagonal twists even though they appear as two different shapes. 

This is because they alternate between ones with equidistant triangle twists and ones with triangle twists that vary in distance by one pleat. 

In the areas where three of the open back triangle twists converge there are a triangle collapses on the other side. 

It's a really cool design that received unsolicited praise from casual passersby. 

I myself, find it to be a really interesting configuration as well. Which is why I took the time to solve and fold it. 

It's a really elegant arrangement of just a handful of fairly standard origami tessellation techniques. 

The view of the reverse side is just as intriguing as the front. 

My mapping sketch is included at the bottom of this post. 


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