Infinite Pyramid Origami Flagstone Tessellation

 This is a flagstone tessellation that I came up with recently. I had the idea for the starting point and was determined to create a pyramidal pattern that could repeat outward from it. 

It took a few tries to determine how the corners would work, but it came to together nicely in the end. 

It consists of trapezoids and rhombuses on the front side.

On the back side there are many triangle twists. This is pretty standard for a flagstone tessellation. 

As with any flagstone tessellation, it is somewhat labor intensive. But overall, it is not hard to fold. I wouldn't say it's easy either, but it's pretty doable with a little patience. 

I've been obsessed with triangular patterns lately. This is just one more example of what you can do with them. 

The photo of the reverse side shows the dense array of triangle twists needed to complete the design. 

I used 28 lb printer paper trimmed to a hexagon. It was folded into a 32 pleat triangle grid. 

Other than trimming the paper into a hexagon, there are no cuts. Only folds. 

It's not necessary to trim the paper to a hexagon. The same can be accomplished leaving it rectangular. 

I just find it easier to reach the center with my stubby fingers when working with the hexagon.

I also think the hexagon results in a nicer finished design. 

My crease pattern sketch is included at the end of this post. 


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