Solved Circular Clover Tessellation by Arseniy K

 I finally got around to fully solving this tessellation. I had partially solved it in a previous attempt that I posted, but this time I took it all the way. Or at least as far as my paper allowed. 

When comparing the original pic with my rendition, I can't really tell for certain if I recreated it in the exact same way. But the front configuration is the same. 

As far as I could tell, it required a lot of squash folds where the intersections might otherwise overlap. The same could be accomplished by tucking one fold into the other, but the elegant solution would be the squash folds. Which is, what I'm guessing he would have done. 

Now, my grid ran out for me to fully repeat the design, but I went as far as I could. 

I actually found it easier to solve the back side and map that out and fold it that way. Your experience may vary. 

I have a crease pattern that I drew. Since they were only partials, I didn't map the very edges in my crease pattern sketch as my paper had run out of room. I just worked them out by looking at his picture. 

I also have a closeup of the squash folds to which I'm referring that  facilitated everything coming together more gracefully. 


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