Solved Clog O Clock by Arseniy K

 Another wonderful design by one of the origami tessellation masters. This one had a very apparent structure. Had no trouble mapping it out on some grid paper. 

On the other hand, it was incredibly difficult to fold. I just found it very fussy to execute. Which, personally, I both love and hate. 

I had to keep referring back to the original photo to keep track of the mountain and valley folds. But once I got the center situated correctly on my rendition, I was able to use that as a guide. 

Basically, its center is an offset hex twist on the back with rhombuses on the front of it. 

From there he adds two triangle twists to the tips and sides of each rhombus. Those triangles then form around an open back hex twist on the reverse side.

Repeat as needed.  

A brilliant structure.

The crease pattern sketch I created is at the bottom of this post. 


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