Solving Cornucopia of Events Tessellation by Arseniy Koom

 Surprisingly, I didn't have much trouble solving this tessellation by Arseniy Koom. It just kind of made sense to me right away. 

Go figure. 

It uses an interesting right triangle shape which I would like to explore for other possibilities. 

Besides that, the other shapes are very standard. Open back hexagon twists and small hex twists. 

It all comes together rather neatly. 

I guess, technically, it's a flagstone. Since there are only those narrow seams between everything. 

Also the triangles connect to the open back hexes in the same way you would normally execute a flagstone. 

Because of this, the reverse side features a plethora of triangle twists.

What I found unique about this particular tessellation is that some of the back side triangle twists are overlapped by other folds. That makes it somewhat difficult to get everything situated neatly. 

It definitely requires patience and fairly sturdy paper. 

My crease pattern is at the end of this post. 


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