Bicycles in the Wind Origami Tessellation

 So, after having solved 'Hugs in the Rain' by Arseniy K, I had the idea to do a triad of parallelograms around an open back triangle twist and just repeat that. But that felt a little too simple. So I mixed it up a bit with some rhombuses in there as well. It worked out nicely. 

The rhombuses  and the parallelograms on the front are both natural folds. 

There are small hexagonal twists on the back where the parallelograms converge. 

The negative triangle spaces on the front are open back triangle twists on the back. 

The negative rhombus spaces on the front are rhombuses with blunted tops and bottoms on the back. I don't know what name that shape has, but you can see it clearly in the photo of the back side. 

This model was not difficult to fold. Thin paper worked quite well. 

See below for a crease pattern sketch. 


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