Evolving Time Machines Origami Tessellation

Here's a tessellation that just came to me pretty abruptly. 

While it does utilize open back hex twists, it mainly uses the natural folds of the triangle grid. 

Funny thing about this particular tessellation, a little while after I'd finished it, I saw a tess by Arseniy K that was different, but quite similar. 

This happens often with origami tessellations. People find patterns independent of each other that are the same sometimes and also ones that are only a little different. 

That led me to solve his variant. It's was  pretty easy as they were both very much alike.

I haven't folded his yet, but do look forward to doing so.

The key to getting the right look on the front of this design is actually what you do on the back side. 

After you've folded everything into its proper place, you still need to reverse some of the folds to cover up the hex twists on the back. That's how you get the distinctive dark twisting stars on the front. 

You can see in the picture of the reverse side how the folds overlap the open back hex twists. 

Crease pattern follows. 


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