Folding Lava Tessellation by Daniel Kwan

Last week I was having origami writer's block. I didn't have any good ideas of my own and I wasn't really clicking with solving anyone else's tessellations. 

So, I decided to just fold a pre-made crease pattern to clear my mind. 

This one is by Daniel Kwan. I found it on his flickr page. He called it 'Lava'. 

Link to his crease pattern and models.

It has a lot in common with symmetrical designs of other authors. But he uses bigger shapes and two different sizes of hexagons.

There is a lot of back and forth. This shape goes up, this one goes down. It's a lot to keep straight. Sometimes using already created crease patterns can be just as tricky as having to figure one out. 

But once you get the orientations sorted out in your head, the actual folding is pretty pleasant. 

The finished product is pretty nice too!


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