Lazy Roulette Tessellation

 Shortly after I'd finished folding my 'Evolving Time Machines' tessellation I saw one on Instagram by Arseniy K that used a similar center point. 

I created this tessellation using that slightly different central module. 

The spacing between the main clusters are different from his. I used a simpler approach very much like the one I used in 'Evolving Time Machines'. 

It's an all natural to the triangle grid design. 

What's really nice about these sorts of tessellations is that they don't require very many additional creases after you complete the grid and they don't strain the paper much. So they're pretty forgiving to execute. 

Later, I examined the reverse side of his tessellation and decided to decipher that as well.

I have it mapped out. That will,  hopefully, be my next fold sometime soon. 

At any rate, the crease pattern for this one is at the end of this post. 


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