Solving Hugs in the Rain Tessellation


This tessellation is one I solved by Arseniy K. He called it 'Hugs in the Rain'. I referred to it in my previous post where I used the same central point, but different spacing to create my own design. 

His has a much more intricate back side structure. It wasn't that difficult to figure out the architecture, however, it took a little longer to figure out how to actually execute it. 

I tried the first time to fold it using thick paper and was not successful. 

Second time, I tried with thin paper and it worked out pretty well. 

There are a lot of layers and shapes very closely packed. 

The central hexagons are open back hexes. The other shapes are grid natural parallelograms. When you fold the parallelograms you have to fold them over towards the centers of the open back hexes. The triangles are 1.5. 

My first photo is what he called the back, but I really like it a lot. Especially how it back lights. 

The second photo is what he designated the front. 

My crease pattern is included below. The small hexagon at the very center is not a fold. It's just to show where the parallelograms need to land. 


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