Solving Shy Triangles by Andriy Hechuev

This is based on a design by Andriy Hechuev called 'Shy Triangles'. I found it on Instgram. 

The central part of the model is their shy triangles concept. 

It stumped me for a little bit. I didn't realize at first that it was all triangle twists. A post by Monika Hankova  revealed that info. 

The original design only folded the central area. When I did a tester it didn't entirely fit on a 16 pleat grid. So rather than mess with folding a hexagon into thirds to get 24 pleats, I just went with a 32 pleat grid. 

Personally, whenever I try to do thirds on a hexagon it seldom comes out right. I know the steps. I just find them hard to execute accurately. 

So, with 32 pleats, I added some additional triangle twists to garnish the edges. 

The view of the back side is pretty neat too. 

My crease pattern sketch for the center portion is included at the end.


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