Laughing Serpents

 This tessellation is based on the center of a Joel Cooper suncatcher design. My spacing is different though. 

I actually got the idea from an instagram post by Monika Hankova where she used the same central starting point. 

It's open back hexagon twists with rhombuses situated as to form the 'arms'. 

Some triangles are needed in the back spaces between the hexes and the rhombuses. 

The larger negative spaces are blunt cornered pyramids. 

In my case, it's a fairly straightforward tessellation. I chose to do it this way specifically because the humidity would not cause problems folding it. 

In the case of Joel's tess, I really couldn't make out what  else was happening from the flickr photo he had posted. 

In the case of Monika's rendition, I still have plans to solve the rest of the design at a later date. 

My solution for how to fold what I've folded is included at the end of this post. 


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