Origami Tessellation : Changing Gears

 The start of this tessellation was the idea I had for surrounding open back hexagons with long rectangles. It was from there that I had to figure out how to make it tessellate. 

Mapping it out on some grid paper revealed that another open back hexagon with very closely nestled triangles could work to fill in the gaps. 

Tessellations such as this utilize a combination of collapsing and twist folds. 

Collapsing folds use the grid to compress the paper into smaller shapes. 

In this case most of the work is collapsing. But there is some twisting necessary regarding the triangles close to the hexagons.

Collapsing tessellations is an entirely different avenue of execution that can help you construct totally different patterns with the same common shapes. 

Depending on how you conceive of them, they can be quite simple or quite complex. 

In this case, it's of intermediate difficulty. 

For further insight into how this tessellation and other collapsing folds are created, see my crease pattern that's included below. 


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